About us

Standartų Spaustuvė- one of the biggest and most modern printing houses in Baltic countries. Modern printing technologies and good specialists allow us to offer the highest quality products- books, catalogues, magazines, and advertising press.

Our Advantages:

  • Printing House has established quality supervising control matching ISO 9001:2001 standard and environmental management system matching ISO 14001:2004 standard.
  • Qualified specialists, with excellent knowledge of contemporary press technology subtleties. The company has more than 150 highest qualification workers.
  • Quality- the main „Standartų Spaustuvė“ distinction, which allows us to call ourselves leaders in the field.
  • Trust- we have trust of well known companies and public institutions, both in Lithuania and abroad.
  • Ecology- newest technology and professional team let us work thoughtfully and efficiently. We can guarantee as much of an ecological printing process as possible, rational paper use, reducing paper waste to a minimum. By working efficientlly, we do not only take care of environment, but also save client's money.